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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight? i am victor moore and i am a participant of peacekeepers in the hunters point family. >> raise the mike out. >> can you hear me now? i am a participant. i am here to support them because they helped me with a lot. i have been at peace keeper since i was 15. they take us out on trips and try to keep this out of trouble. they help us out with jobs and try to get us back in school. they really care about us and it is not even about just -- you know, participating. brother malik in the conners. family, they're like my family, for real. my family asks me how i am doing
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every day. i got a lot of respect for the hunters point family. peacekeepers, i am here to support him. [applause] >> i know you do not mind us taking our time with these young people. this is the future of the city and county of san francisco. there is nothing more important to me for young people than education. i am hoping that all of you who go through these programs will find your way and make is very proud of you one day. >> i am an alumni of the hunters point family. i started out at girls 2000. i have been in this program for over 12 years now. i have accomplished a lot. dealing with them. i have been to the conference
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twice and i was a supervisor of the atom rogers garden. i got my permit culture training certificate. i am now an administrative assistant, working through hunters point family. and, yes, i gained a lot of skills working through hunters point family. i am just planning on trying to get back to the young adults in that community. the same way they did for me. thank you. >> how is arabani doing? i am keith.
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i am with the entrepreneurship program. they have been really helpful in helping me find myself and for other people also. i wanted to point that out that they make people feel welcome call like you have been here at night. it is bigger than that. they give the young people and encourage them to do stuff even at their lowest points. i'm going to salute hunters point family and i am gone. thank you. >> i was -- want to let you know that the hunters point family is a good organization. i was in the program and i was able to get my first job there by being in the garden. now with the program, i was able
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to be in the program and i just tested a graduate. -- graduate it yesterday. -- graduated yesterday. thank you. >> anyone else? we're going to move the program -- the agenda. >> i am a community member, i have lived here since [unintelligible] in bayview hunters point. i worked at crowells 2000 in 1999 and i am the director over our work force to build a program. that is located here at 1800 oakdale. i am standing because i would love for us to stay here. it is great we have been in the community. we are a grassroots organization. we have started offering ged
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classes here and it is more appropriate -- we're trying to raise the bar for our participants. they can get the feel of being in a college setting so they can start learning what it is to take their education to a higher level. please for the hunters point family staying here. thank you. >> i do not need three minutes. i will share with my brother. i live and work in hunters point, i play in hunters point, i raise kids in hunters point. and i work for hunters point family. the reason i am here today is to ask that we are allowed to stay here to work with other community-based organizations, they have a proven track record. i'm here representing three of
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my children. i have one son who is at the airport internship. i have a daughter that just got hired the 21st. she came to matters. family ever since she was 24 -- said she was a child. she is 24 now. whatever support i needed with him because he is a rambunctious, i can go there and mention what he did and there will say, he did what? i am kind of a softie. my brother helps me on a lot of stuff. if he was busy i could go there and he would tell me also. it would be resolved real quick because he did not want to disappoint. after my son passed, they hired me and i was working at the farmers' market. we were giving fresh fruit to
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the community. now i work with hsa and i help other families navigate child protective services. i am saying i have been a part of the hunters point family for 15 years as a parent and a supportive of the volunteer and now as a full-time paid employee. i have had a lot of growth there. also i have taken a lot of classes, child development, african american history, whenever they offered. this building means a lot to me. and so does hunters point family. and some of the other programs they're working with also. as i mentioned, i have a friend who was killed. sometimes our youth need to come to a neutral zone. it is not just about raising my
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kids, it is about raising the future generation of san francisco. thank you. >> i have lived in this neighborhood, it seems to me that when things are working in this neighborhood, arrange gets thrown into the works. these people are doing a fantastic job. somebody stood up earlier and said -- somebody from -- not from here said they can keep the children safer. they can not keep the children safe if they cannot keep themselves safe. we can keep them safe better than anyone else can. thank you. >> good evening. i am a part of the hunters point family, gis manager. i work in peacekeepers and hunters point family along with safe haven and i have a young
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lady who wants to introduce yourself. >> i am one of the young people attending peacekeepers. i have learned about art, school, and i learned a lot. [applause] >> thank you. >> i have your card for something else. >> you have my card for this. for speaking -- a >> i do not know. the names on these cards -- you can say no. 17. >> i will not be long. my name is cedric jackson. i am excited. i am very excited to see all these different services come into this community. there are long overdue. i am a little concerned that we have to do some subtraction in
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order to empower ourselves. when you talk about human services agency, you are talking about the economic foundation of this community. we have one of the most comprehensive nationally known employment programs in this country. we run that out of the center and out of 3121 mission. this is so successful because as you have heard other speaker say, this is a neutral site that people are not afraid to come to. we have massive resources that we put into this community and this building around trying to be -- make this community economically sound and self- sufficient. we deal with the hardest of the hardest to deal with. if we not only deal with mothers with children, we deal with people with ssi, people with disabilities.
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what we do is because we can do it here. if you take us and put it someplace else, where would you put this? would you put this in west point? would you put this in visitation valley? anyplace you put us is not good to be as safe as here. there is burned to be a minimizing of our impact on this community. can we handle a minimizing of an economic impact on this community? there is nothing wrong with the plan if it is about edition. there is anything wrong with your plan if you are talking about taking out one of the most resourceful, demographically, and organizations in this building and saying you want to leave it some place and let it go address some place and take away all the good we have done. in front of you you have the jobs now program that shows six months of activities of what we have done. my deputy director said 1300
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people from this community are part of that process. we got jobs. we're continuing to do that and i hope you allow us to continue to do that with the wonderful services you are bringing in here because they are collaborative. everything that you've seen in here we worked with and we would like to continue to work with. we want to do it in a way where does not hinder because people will not come to where you want to put us and that will take away from this community, it will not add to it. thank you very much. >> i will use these cards that i have and there is a lot of them. we're going to have to stick to the three minutes. bring the bill so they will be familiar with the sound. you cannot do that? >> i would like to follow up on that speaker. i believe he was representing
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hsa. i am -- i understand clear and maybe i do not know who the question is for. this was a slide we saw about square-foot it of this facility. i think it was 18,000 square feet? 20,000. currently, hsa is in 11,000. we have heard from a lot of speakers come forward that are not currently in the building. mine understanding was there is hsa has additional space needs? >> one of the issues as we have the largest needs population in this area. a lot of our services has to be out of areas because we do not have the space here. one of the things we have always asked for is we have asked for more space which can serve our clients here instead of having to ship our clients into the
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parts of the city for services. one of the issues is territorial issues along -- around our young black men and black women. one of the reasons we're successful is this is a neutral site that has uniformed police that are not security guards. >> i understand that. there are these -- there are these other cbo's that seem to have a need to be in the space or willingness or desire to be here. in the letter, there was one proposal you put out there to move and maybe for there to be some time allocated for you to move but it does not seem like there is enough space for hsa and the other groups we have heard these compelling stories about. >> there is other space. if you go -- i was at this building as the director of the one stop downstairs for almost 12 years. there was always an ongoing
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fight about where space was used. annett southern wings -- on the southern wing, there are chairs and tables that could be used for classrooms. there needs to be a further look at the utilization of the space. we also have tonsthat is not utilized. if you do a space utilization survey, you will see there is a lot of things that can happen without taking hsa out of here. we do need we can work with what we have. >> i know we will have more public comment. from that community about what they want to use this facility for. it is a community facility here. we have heard about a lot of group people and community members have come forward about hunter family services and all these programs. i would like to with the permission of the chair, hear some feedback additionally from
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the community about hsa versus the other services. >> you will hear that as soon as i call on some of these cards i have here. that is what a lot of people came to talk about. jeff williams. lance burton. following him, focuz. >> focus. >> i would like to thank you for allowing me to speak. second i would like to allowing my wife of 20 years to come here and take classes she needed to finish her degree. and then use the wonderful services in our center to seek out employment and eventually
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find employment. that was given through city college and hsa. we had a wonderful turn out. it looks like this community might want to know what is happening here as far as other services coming in a warhsa or city college's, minimizing their space. to coin a phrase of the san francisco 49ers, who has got a better than us and the answer is nobody? this panel has -- this meeting is to make a decision, one that is historic. equal to this decision to put this facility in this community. a mother was an educator. she always said education leads to employment. what better example than that which we have here? ms. maxwell would always tell
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me, raster so, for whatever -- fight forever you think you deserve. at that time i was kidding -- i was given my marching orders. looking up and down third street, i see the wonderful choices that the street is providing. i humbly ask is it not a great place to find work, coupled with the chance to seek higher education, and healthy choice? hsa with work developments are giving folks a choice. the services here should not only stay, they should be expanded. they should be looked upon as a model, when i have yet to bear witness to. is that not what san francisco is about, being the leader? the first to do it? in closing, while each of you
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decide what is best for this community, considered your children or grandchildren using this facility for years to come and you were part of that outcome. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> good evening, members of the commissions. lance burton. i want to acknowledge the work that the hsa has done. it is a wonderful organization. from the time they have been doing this work, i am sure it has been useful for our community. we're extremely fractured and in a key condition for services. i have to say that i am excited about the group of folks from the community that we have assembled here. whether it is the renaissance parents -- success or the hunters point family or the charter school program.
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or the young community developers and the others that are here who are going to provide the services that help to move for young folks -- to the 60 plus jobs that the community college has been noted to assist people in getting. city college has been in a way. what i would like to see happen is the hsa where for a glance, it will land on its feet, it begins to shift some of the folks that work with into the community college district and one of the things that i was -- about the chancellor in 2010 to do an exploration of what would it take to get the 17 to 25- year-old to get back on
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campus. what i learned from the work that i did was a lot of the youngsters we're talking about entrepreneurial ship. their wives to work for facebook and zynga and riverbed and autodesk and the technologies -- technology companies interlining appear. not necessarily understanding at algorithm or how to program code but they know they can do back and operations, there are tens of jobs that will pay a $60,000 to $100,000 a year and -- in the technology sector and we have to get our young folks that -- better -- ready for that. we have yet to give these kids into these campus -- get these kids into this campus. i hope that hsa will supporters
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by pushing those youngsters who come to them for services from welfare to work, in that direction. we want to try and have an entrepreneurialship technology program in this building. thank you for your attention tonight. [applause] >> i am radical so i hate to -- i ain't going to tell you that you do not like. i am from san francisco. i am a foster child. i was born living up there on harbor road. i'm 53 now but i have entered the prison system here in san francisco, in oakland, and in richmond. i lost a brother to amtrak. what i do not understand is everytime you have a black program that is helping african- american males, it is more women
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out there than men, african- american man, i never had a father, so my attitude toward anger right now, i get angry and i get angry because i do not like the way y'all leaders run san francisco for african- american people. you tell me up there in the hills, you tell me, everywhere i live, it is all gone. it is history. i am black every day. i think i should know something about me every day. the asian, latino, whites, i know more about your culture that i do about my own. because you -- i have been to the college out there in the ocean, i even got the cart that got my picture on it and i am in
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school now. i do not like the way you are teaching. you do not tell me about my history. you want these youngsters to learn, learn what? half of them want to be rappers, dope dealers, you want me to say, i am a man who came out of prison and i'm supposed to change my life to what? every program here that gives as one-stop with mr. johnson -- jackson, those kind of programs help me. if i go to chinatown or goat to mission street, which i do not get hired by asians or mexicans in a barely get hired by my own people because they do not have no jobs to give me. i cannot work for city hall because i am a felon. i have to be a good boy. i live here in frisco and you are not going to run me out. your guns is not going to run me
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out. you odndone killed behalf of my folks. let me put on my hoodie, are you going to kill me, too? i am telling you, the programs you have four black people, black males, you get rid of them. they're there for a while and you get rid of them. ycd, where is the man at? the real man? -- men at? the real men? >> all right. mr. moody, jacob muni and espinola jackson -- moody and espinola jackson. >> i called mr. jacob moody. >> i have something to get off
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my chest, can i speak wrote quick invite can? >> did you fill out a card? what is your name. >> donald hamilton. >> i did not see that in here. >> i am a resident and i have a lot to say. >> i know but we have an order in which we run this program. i will call on you if you fill out a card. >> i understand. >> it must be way back over here because i didn't see it. mr. mcgee, please. i will let him -- mr. moody. i will let him speak any time after mrs. jackson. she will yield to you. >> my name is jake a moody, i am executive director of bayview hunters point for community improvement. it is clear that there are competing interests in the
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community with limited space and you have a difficult decision to make regarding the plan in front of you. i appreciate you spending the time to follow your own process as you have done in developing the plan to get as much community input as you possibly can. as the director of a nonprofit in this community, a space is always at a premium. good quality space from which one can provide programs is very difficult to find. we have just heard from hsa that they are concerned about that for the programs they have here. i am a nonprofit. i want to speak from a nonprofie plan to be put in here are significant, important non- profit programs that work in this community and have worked in this community for years and years and years. with lots of outcomes in the
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lives of individuals to show for that time. what is more important about them being here is not just they have space at a appropriate space but they're able to collaborate with one another in a way they have not been able to collaborate in the past. if we want to talk about what transforms this community, it has to come from the community. for 40 years, the foundation has been working here, working with these organizations to provide the kinds of services that allow people to live in a clean, safe, healthy, and empowered community. that -- there are always bumps along the road. i came to this community in 1976 as the pastor of a small church in bayview. i saw what happened in this community over the years. the promises broken. it is a tragedy that -- what
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this community experienced most as a result of redevelopment was an increase in the value of their homes and not a significant change in the community. what i am saying to you is, i want to support the plan that puc is putting forward. as a nonprofit in this community, working with these organizations, i want to support this plan moving forward. because it is our organizations, working in our community with our people. thank you very much. >> thank you. [applause] you have this card. mr. hamilton. three minutes. >> ok, thank you man -- ma'am. i have been a bayview hunters point resident f2


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